The Bowls Development Alliance are excited to announce the new Bowls Inclusion Advisory Group, paving the way for improved diversity and equality throughout the sport.

The group has been formed to implement a new and improved equality, diversity, and inclusion strategy for the sport of bowls with help from core partners; Bowls England, the English Indoor Bowling Association, British Crown Green Bowling Association, and Disability Bowls England. The aim is to promote and encourage diversity, inclusion, and equality in the sport, by addressing and removing any obstacles or barriers to participation to make the sport a welcoming environment for everyone.

The new strategy aims to make bowls more accessible than ever for those who could benefit from it the most.

Anne Fairchild, the new IAG Chair, was enthusiastic with the progress and had a few words to say:

“I am delighted to Chair our new Inclusion Advisory Group to help the BDA deliver their strategic goal to drive inclusivity. My colleagues have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion both in bowls and across other sports. Bowls can be very sociable and it is a game where grandparents can play with grandchildren, with the ability to unite a community.  We need to listen to feedback and ideas to broaden the appeal and availability of bowls. It is a game without walls, no barriers to inclusion and everyone should feel welcome. If we achieve this, the game will be around for generations to come.”

Lisa Graham, Managing Director of the BDA comments:

“The BDA are proud to be the facilitator of such an important piece of work, bringing together our key partners across the sport to support the strategic direction of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Bowls is an incredibly welcoming and inclusive sport, and we want to ensure that everyone has access to enjoy the many benefits it can bring to our local communities.”

With over 5,000 clubs and 300,000 participants across the country and a bowling club on the doorstep of most towns and villages, we are committed to ensuring that bowls is a sport for all!

You can find out more about our new IAG members on the BDA website Inclusion Advisory Group – Bowls Development Alliance


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