What is the Club Health Checker?

The Club Health Checker is a free, online self-assessment tool that will identify the challenges faced by your bowls club and highlights areas for targeted growth.

Through the completion of a 30-minute questionnaire a customised report is created which offers resources and suggestions on how to improve the clubs’ areas of development. It is recommended that clubs use this resource at least once a year to help measure their baseline participation, growth, and impact. The Club Health Checker is available to all clubs affiliated to BDA partnership NGBs which include Bowls England, English Indoor Bowling Association, British Crown Green Bowling Association and English Short Mat Bowling Association.

The Club Health Checker is not a ‘Pass or Fail’ assessment but rather a tool to help committees assess the current condition of the club and identify areas for development.  The report is as accurate as the information you input, and to ensure that the report reflects your club’s position, it is important to answer the assessment honestly.

We recommend that the Club Health Checker is completed as a committee due to the information required to complete the assessment. To ensure your club’s continued development and health, we also recommend using the Club Health Checker on an annual basis.

You can book a free face-to-face or online appointment with your nearest Club Development Officer to discuss your report and get some support and guidance in the creation of an action plan.

We have compiled some FAQs regarding the Club Health Checker below, but if you find there is something unanswered, please get in touch. These are on this page currently: Club Health Checker

To get access to the club health checker, please register here:

Register Here

1. A detailed self-assessment with questions for the club committee to answer.

2. A bespoke report that assesses your club’s level of development and gives you a set of recommendations that will help you improve further.

The questions within the form are separated into the five sections.

1. Club Membership
2. Recruitment & Activities
3. Structure & Workforce
4. Finance & Facilities
5. Safeguarding

It should take you between 30-45 minutes to complete the form.

We recommend the entire committee get involved in this process, to present an accurate picture of your club, as it is unlikely that one club official will have all the information required. You will be asked questions about your membership size and breakdown, finances, club lease and structure, workforce, and qualifications.

No. You can save your progress at any time and share the assessment link between the committee, all without the need to create a username or password.

No individual data that you submit to us about your club or individuals within your club will be shared with any third parties.

The report is automatic and will be accessible to download immediately after you complete the assessment. You will also receive a copy of the report by email.

The report will include:

• Your score in each section, as well as an overall score.
• A score for six additional characteristics that contribute to a well-run club
• A bespoke list of recommendations and actions you can take to improve your score.
• Further support (templates, resources, workshops, and other content) you can access that is relevant to your recommendations.

You will be able to access the Club Health Checker tool at any time and we encourage you to use this tool at least once a year. As you work on the recommendations, we have given you, you can complete the questionnaire again to receive an updated report with your new score and the next set of actions.

The Club Health Checker Self-Assessment tool offers the clubs an opportunity to understand their strengths and areas for development. By completing the process clubs and volunteers will also get direction on how to improve on their areas for development which links to resources, courses, and information. By carrying out the Club Health Checker on an annual basis clubs can continually check on their development supporting them to become more sustainable and proactive in their development with support and help.


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