BrighterKind, Hungerford

BrighterKind care home in Hungerford took part in the Just Bowl 12-week research project and the feedback from staff and residents was excellent. As a result, the home has now purchased equipment to ensure that the activity continues beyond the 12-weeks.  

One of our participants, Lorna, who’s winning a Just Bowl Session! 

For anyone, anywhere, any time!

“Residents who previously had a stroke and thought they could not participate, were able to play, and it made them more confident. Some new residents found this helpful to make friends with existing residents” 

Kanika Sharma, Staff Member

“She was so thrilled and thoroughly enjoyed both playing and winning! She was always a gambler and to be able to enter a physically active competition and win even at the age of ninety-seven was a real highlight for her and as you say it was also a turning point. I do hope that Just Bowl becomes a regular activity in many care and nursing homes.”

Suki Taylor, Lorna’s Daughter (Resident)

Having fun at Hungerford

Residents wanted to be a part of Just Bowl from week one and really enjoyed the sessions which also encouraged other residents not normally active to take part. The weekly sessions showed that regardless of age or ability, Just Bowl can be played by everyone.

Whether participants chose to use the activity to socialise or as a friendly competition the emphasis is always on having fun.

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