Prince Rupert Court; Guinness Care

Prince Rupert Court is an independent living venue situated in Swindon. Just Bowl secured funding for Guinness Care to deliver Just Bowl across 10 of their sites.

As part of the funding, Guinness Care staff were trained to enable them to run high-quality and fun sessions for their residents.

The funding was also used to provide equipment for the venues to allow them to continue Just Bowl long into the future.

Two participants and a just bowl instructor posing with just bowl equipment
Image source: The Guinness Partnership

For anyone, anywhere, any time!

“Playing this weekly Just Bowl session has promoted teamwork, boosted confidence and increased customers want to do more and regular physical activity” 

Dominique Rains, Independent Living Advisor

“I have found that I no longer have to sit down to put my shoes on, I can now stand up and put them on so I am feeling more flexible and able to move more freely.

It gives me the opportunity to get out of my flat and I look forward to the weekly sessions.”

Jeanne Virangi, Just Bowl Participant

Nothing can stop these residents from playing!

The residents have run their own Just Bowl sessions when staff is not there to do it for them and everyone who usually plays joins in.

They keep a register, set the games up themselves, and take a points tally.

It has been amazing to see customers from Prince Rupert Court grow in confidence and be able to run their own sessions.

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