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Club Matters is run by Sport England and can provide you with many free resources to help your club to develop and become more sustainable for the future. 

These resources will enable you to broaden and develop your skills and understanding of Club Finances, Club Management, Club Marketing and Club People. 

There are 41 courses covering a wide range of topics; a mixture of Online Modules and Toolkits that can be accessed at any time and Workshops that are run virtually during the year.

The Bowls Development Alliance has also joined together with Club Matters to create several bowls-specific workshops throughout the year. These provide you with the perfect opportunity to network and share ideas with members of other clubs across England.

Club Matters can help you to improve your club with:

Online Support – There is a range of support available including online toolkits, quick reference guides and e-learning modules

Workshops – Club Matters workshops are free, short training sessions delivered across the country by experts in a range of specific areas.

Mentoring – The Club Matters flexible monitoring scheme can offer personal support to your club in both the long and short term.

Club Improvement Plan – An online health check for clubs of all sizes and all stages of their development. This will provide you with a tailored plan to see which areas you are performing well in and where there are areas for development.

Club Views – A club review tool allowing you to ask for your members and volunteers

County Active Partnership

County Active Partnerships are organisations that work collaboratively with local partners to create an in-depth understanding of the needs of the local community.

Their main aim is to increase participation in sport and other physical activities at a more local level throughout the country.

Each of the 43 Active Partnerships offers a wide range of services focussing on the needs of clubs and their local communities. These include: Funding & Support, Safeguarding, Facility Development, and Workforce Development

Each County Active Partnership will offer slightly different services so please use this link below to find specific details for your local area. 

Local Authority – Local Authorities play an integral role in providing in proving sport and recreational facilities within your local community and will be able to give you details of any funding that is available for projects in your area. 

Bowls England Funding Portal – The Bowls England Funding Portal allows affiliated clubs to access grants, loans, and awards to help with club improvement and development. Here, your club will be able to access a range of information covering Loans and Bursaries to Recruitment Material and Legal Advice.

Bowls England also helps affiliated clubs to find tailored funding information by providing a report that details funding streams that they may be eligible to apply for.

Visit our Club Finder to discover your local club.​

Get in touch with your local council.

Access the Bowls England Funding Portal​


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