Find a local indoor or outdoor club near you.  

Using the links below, you can easily search for your nearest affiliated club. Each of the National Governing Bodies have their own Club Finder tools to help you locate a club for your preferred code.

Bowls England

To find your nearest Bowls England Affiliated club, follow the link:

Bowls England’s Play Bowls platform is intended to enable newcomers to the game to book & pay clubs for rink time; utilising the Bowls Bash format.

This will help our sport become much more accessible to a potentially large and growing audience of people who want to play bowls casually and will be searching for online recreational activity.

Click the icon to the right to find your nearest club.

British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA)

You can find your nearest affiliated Crown Green club, by searching here:

English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA)

The EIBA holds a list of all affiliated indoor bowls clubs across England. You can search for your nearest one here:

English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA)

The ESMBA holds a Club Directory, listing every affiliated club which is organised alphabetically by county. You can find this list by clicking here:


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