SGV Cancer Support Group -
Tottenham, London

SGV ran the 12-week Just Bowl research project at their independent living community hub, with their main objective to bring residences out of isolation and to get involved in FUN physical activity.

They had a great space within their centre to lay out all the Just Bowl equipment and made it a great environment for everyone within an ethically diverse community to come together.

For anyone, any time, anywhere!

“I enjoyed running the sessions for 12 weeks. Encouraging and helping them (SGV Cancer Support) users to take part and competing in getting the best score. 

Lots of laughter while playing in teams boys against the girls”

Jack Mir, Organiser

Just keep bowling...

Just Bowl had very positive feedback from the participants who wanted Just Bowl to continue after the 12-week project ended. 

Each week the participant numbers were increasing, so they have continued the sessions with the loan of equipment being extended while funding is being raised to purchase the equipment.

Want to get involved with Just Bowl?


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